Jan. 10, 2004

As the Patriots prepared to begin their Super Bowl title defense against Tennessee at Gillette Stadium, the major storyline was the weather.

It would be cold. Very cold. Wicked cold.

CBS made the Pats-Titans matchup its Saturday prime-time offering. The temperature was expected to sink into single digits, with a wind-chill of 20 degrees below zero.

For some folks, that may have been sufficiently frigid to make them sell their tickets; the legalized scalpers would gladly snatch them up for resale, though they may have had trouble getting their typically outrageous markup.

Lots of folks likely fought the cold by doing some serious pre-game lubricating. Science suggests that alcohol will make the cold feel that much colder. Experience suggests that a cocktail or three will make it easier to endure.

It’s reasonable to assume that a few cocktails were consumed in the Gillette Stadium parking lots.