Red Sox Fans

Jan. 25, 1984

Reid Nichols signed a five-year contract extension worth a reported $1 million. 

Pennant Fever Did Not Grip Hub with this news.

He wasn’t a bad ballplayer and didn’t whine about being a back-up outfielder. The No. 4 outfielder isn’t considered a crucial cog on many big-league roster but is good to have around.

In 1983 Nichols appeared in 100 games, with a .285 average with six homers and 22 RBIs in 274 at bats. That stood as the high-water mark for plate appearances in his eight-year career. He logged five seasons in Boston, two with the White Sox and one in Montreal.

Nichols was sufficiently versatile to play one game at shortstop in 1983. That likely says more about the 1983 Red Sox, who stumbled through a 78-84 season, than Nichols.

After extending Nichols they had a few others to sign, including Wade Boggs (defending AL batting champion), Rich Gedman, Glenn Hoffman, Bruce Hurst and Bobby Ojeda.

Nichols’ deal left plenty of room on the payroll for them.