Fenway Park Field

Jan. 25, 1989

Roger Clemens tried to take back a dark utterance he made in a TV interview a few days earlier. In a particularly whiny comment, Clemens complained about players having to carry their own bags through through the airport.

He topped that by declaring “I don’t like reporters writing about my family. And someone’s going to get hurt one time doing that.

“… I don’t care what someone writes or says about me, but now when they start talking about my wife or my kids, someone’s gonna get hurt and it’s not gonna be me.”

Uh … what?

Clemens offered no examples of such writing. Neither did his agent.

But, two days later, he tried to douse the rhetorical fire with cold water, claiming he was misinterpreted.

It’s hard to interpret those words in multiple ways. But no one ever successfully gained entry to Clemens’ noggin to figure out exactly how those mechanisms functioned.