Lacing Up Skates

Jan. 3, 1959

Dissension had infected the Boston Bruins locker room. When a team has lost 11 of its previous 14 games, these things happen.

While rumors of coach Milt Schmidt’s pending dismissal took flight, Bruins owner Walter Brown and general manager Lynn Patrick were more inclined to root out the malcontents and ship them elsewhere.

According to the Boston Globe, “Fans who took sides in the matter, for the most part, were those who pay most of the Bruins’ bills – the season ticket holders – and all indicated they would trade off the malcontents and give Schmidt full control in the unusual situations.”

Today, assessing fan sentiment can be done imperfectly by reviewing social media.

Back then, the assessment may have come from three guys moping in the Iron Horse Bar.

The Bruins did announce one change: the road uniforms would feature gold pants to go with white sweaters. 

Clearly the B’s brass saw the coming proliferation of color TVs.