Jan. 31, 1959

Gene Conley, big man for the Boston Celtics and pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves, had plenty on his mind.

In the short term, he was atsy to get back with the Celtics after a bout of food poisoning.

His bigger problem: Finding a way to stay with the Celtics during their playoff run without losing his spot on the Braves pitching staff.

He and Braves general manager Birdie Tebbetts spoke a couple nights earlier at the Boston Chaper of the Baseball Writers Associaton dinner but didn’t get into specifics. They did get down to a serious negotiation as spring training rolled along, with the NBA playoffs looming.

Ultimately, Tebbetts showed where he stood, dealing Conly to the Philadelphia Phillies on March 31.

It was a good move for Conley. The Phils let him finish out the playoffs for the C’s and Conley rewarded them by going 12-7 with an ERA of 3.00.

The Phils sent him to the Red Sox in the off-season, making the logistics of his dual careers a bit easier.