Jan. 4, 1974

Patriots season ticket holders were angry upon reading in the Boston Globe that they all would lose their priority seating privileges for the 1974 season at Schaefer Stadium unless they bought tickets for all seven regular-season games and three exhibition games.

The Globe ran a correction, clarifying their priority seating rules: Only fans who bought the 10-game package in 1973 and dropped the three exhibition games in 1974 would lose their priority seating.

That must have cut down on the number of disgruntled customers, but anyone not wishing to buy tickets for three glorified scrimmages must have remained perturbed.

In an act of sheer lunacy, NFL teams were allowed to schedule six exhibition games to prepare for their 14-game regular seasons.

By the second or third of those exhibition games most of the regular were more than ready to proceed with the real games. The extraneous games were good for picking practice squad players – and the paying customers’ pockets.

Talk about unbridled greed.