Jan. 6, 1968

Dismissing rumors to the contrary, Boston College coach Bob Cousy said he had not been offered the Knicks job. But he said that he would certainly listen to anyone who wanted to make him an offer. 

Ugh. Cousy taking over the New York Knickerbockers. What a revolting thought.

Knicks owner Red Irish also denied the reports, saying he was happy with his current coach, Red Holzman.

In 1969, the Cooz took over the Cincinnati Royals, briefly serving as a player-coach to help the team sell a few more tickets.

That gimmick didn’t work. Neither did much else. 

The Royals moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City-Omaha Kings in 1972.

Claiming to represent two cities came naturally to a franchise that never quite learned how to walk and think simultaneously. It began as a semi-pro team, the Rochester Seagrams, in 1922 (during prohibition). They continued their pre-NBA days as the Rochester Eber-Seagrams, and the Rochester pros (before they were actually in a professional league).

Rochester joined the National Basketball League as the Royals, continued when the NBL merged with the National Basketball Association, moved to Cincinnati, moved to Kansas City and, finally, moved to Sacramento.

The Seagrams-Eber Seagrams-Pros-Royals won an NBL championship and won the NBA title in 1951, before the invention of the shot clock., with the fast break still new-fangled.

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