NYJets Stadium

Jets always help New England feel better about its team

There is nothing like the New York Football Futility Jets to help a wayward team find its bearings.

The New England Patriots, loser for three straight weeks, winless at home, widely written off as hopeless, pounded the Jets 54-13. Since the Jets are still considered an NFL team, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, the Pats are 2-3 thanks to a particularly dreadful performance from the visitors.

What did it accomplish?

Well, it stifled a silly whisper or two that Bill Belichick is headed to a mid-season firing if he doesn’t get the Patriots to look like the Patriots again.

It affirmed the now generally accepted wisdom that Mac Jones’ development as an NFL quarterback is coming along at a reasonable rate of speed. The downside to this is that the drones who insist on comparing everything Jones does with everything Tom Brady has been doing for 20 years will crank up the volume again.

New England moms should do everything they to keep them securely in their basements.

Defensively the Patriots looked solid, for the most part. This assessment must include a disclaimer that Jets quarterback Alex Wilson was knocked out of the game with an injured right knee.

Let the New York tabloids open a debate: Should the Jets shelve Wilson for the rest of the season to give them a great shot at another top-tier draft pick?

The Pats were not perfect in slapping aside the Jets, but they did what they very much needed to do. They showed us that they might be able to stabilize their play and have a shot at winning enough games the rest of the way to achieve respectability.

Anyone demanding grander aspirations than that needs to remember: Two wins against the Jets and one win against the Houston Texans isn’t cause to cue the duck boats.

During his post-game meeting with the press, someone lobbed Belichick a balloon-sized softball, asking him if the win would give his struggling club a hit of self-confidence.

“I don’t think we lacked confidence,” Belichick replied, prompting that momentary awkward silence that no one can bring down as well as the old GOAT.

If this were snorting season, he may have started and finished that pearl of wisdom with a snort. It is soothing for Pats fans, since Belichick’s teams have typically done well during snorting season. The snorts soothe their nerves, even as snort-snobs bolt out the door or grab for the remote control.

For the record, snorting season arrives with the first frost of the fall. It may fake us out with a driving rainfall during the game, inspiring a pre-season snort or two. But if the weather turns balmy and bright a week later, we will see the deception for what it is.

There will be no snorts before their time.

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