Baseballs in a line

July 10, 1953

There’s nothing like avenging an All-Star snub by making the manager’s ballclub look downright feeble.

Mel Parnell did precisely that, shutting down the Yankees at the Big Ballpark in the Bronx, 4-0. It was the Red Sox’ southpaw’s second shutout in eight days, the first coming at Fenway Park for his 100th career win.

That one also came against Casey Stengel’s Yankees.

“It was a pleasure to show up the old son of a gun,” Parnell said to a Boston Globe scribe. “Casey was dying on the bench. I kept looking over at him and laughing. This was much more satisfying than the shutout I pitched against them at Fenway Park.”

The win made Parnell 12-4 with a 2.74 earned run average.

As for the old son of a gun, Stengel admitted he may have erred in leaving Parnell off the American League staff, albeit grudgingly.

“That fellow has learned how to pitch a little too late, it looks like to me,” Stengel said.

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