Baseball Bats

July 3, 1958

Washington Senators center fielder Faye Throneberry slammed into the fence fronting the Red Sox bullpen and robbed Lou Berberet of a walk-off three-run homer, nailing down the Nats’ 5-3 win at Fenway Park.

It was not the lead story of the day.

Garnering much greater attention, the Red Sox announced that starting in 1959 they would make Scotsdale, Ariz. their spring training home, abandoning Sarasota, Fla., for the better part of a quarter-century.

They trained in Sarasota from 1933-1942, when World War II travel restrictions kept them closer to home. They returned to Sarasota in 1946.

While the ballclub had a lease with Sarasota that ran through 1960, city manager Kenneth Thompson referred to it as “One of those dollar-year-deals.” Thus, they let the Red Sox flee.

The Orioles had already decided to move their camp from Scottsdale, Ariz., to Miami. 

A report in the Boston Globe said that Giants owner Horace Stoneham persuaded Tom Yawkey to join the Giants, Cubs and Indians in Arizona. The negotiation reportedly went as follows:

Stoneham: “Come on out here so we’ll have someone to play.”

Yawkey: “OK.”

Ol’ Mr. Yawkey always drove a hard bargain.

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