Red Sox Fans

June 12, 1959

Plopped in the final resting place in the American League standings – behind the long-term lessee for eighth-place, the Washington Senators – the Red Sox decided to make a trade – with the Washington Senators.

Billy Consolo and Murray Wall went to Washington, with Dick Hyde and Herb Plews headed to Boston.

Don’t bother looking up the Hall of Fame bona fides on any of the four.

Two years earlier Joe Cronin, then general manager of the Red Sox, reportedly told at least one Boston scribe that Consolo was a better baseball player than Al Kaline.

Cronin may have had one too many Gansetts to reach that conclusion. 

Safely settled into his job as president of the American League, Cronin could just smile and shrug if someone asked him to assess the Red Sox’ latest deal.

The Red Sox rose to fifth place by season’s end, 75-79.

The Senators returned to the basement, 63-91.

At least some semblance of order was restored.