Fenway Park Seating

June 4, 1989

Home-field advantage is sometimes not particularly advantageous.

(That also includes home-court advantage, as has been deeply hashed out during the mind-numbing wait for the NBA Finals to commence.)

For evidence of home-field irrelevance, contact a Boston Bolts fan.

Before the Boston Bolts became an instructional organization for youth soccer players, it was a franchise in the American Soccer League, which merged with the Western Soccer Alliance.

Forgive us for stopping there. A deeper explanation could run about 10,000 more words than this scribe’s sensibilities could handle.

The 1989 Bolts played at Nickerson Field, which has hosted all sorts of transient soccer, football (as it is known in America) and maybe more sporting pursuits.

After a 1-0 loss to the New Jersey Eagles, the Bolts dropped to 5-3 in the ASL’s Northern Division, with all three losses at Nickerson Field.

Not only were the Bolts winless at home, they were scoreless at home. 

This loss was particularly frustrating. The first-place Bolts topped the Eagles, 5-3, in their season opener at Hinchcliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ.