Fenway Park

NBA In-Season Tourney: A big bunch of nothing

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, wondering if new general manager Craig Breslow was the best choice all along, why did the Red Sox run up their phone bill with a gazillion other calls …

Having seen the new court on which the Celtics trod for two games this month, the reason for the NBA In-Season Tournament is duly reinforced: 

Get fodder to create new jerseys, sweatshirts, caps, beer mugs, and whatever else can be sold to suckers in the souvenir shop.

The court is hideous, but it sustains the illusion that regular-season games that are tagged as In-Season Tournament contests are magically more meaningful..

Listen to those cash registers cha-ching …

The Bill Belichick saga is growing wearisome. Should the Krafts can him? Canonize him? Take away his general managership? Trade him? Rescind his parking pass? Keep him as head coach? Let him continue as is? Anoint recently unemployed Josh McDaniels as his new offensive guru? Give Jerod Mayo his first head coaching job?

They are well worthy topics for discussion. But tossing them all into a pot and keeping it at a slow boil for weeks is turning into mind mush.

Memo to the Krafts: Offer us a hint as to what is happening. Give Belichick a bright red line marking the number of losses that will get him bounced. Tell us you still love him and want him to run their football operation for as long as wants. 

Just put this whole thing to rest.

It won’t happen, but we can dream …

Nathan Eavoldi had already earned his reputation as a prime-time pitcher, but watching him ice the Diamondbacks in the World Series was fairly astounding.

During the Rangers’ first championship playoff run he brought his career playoff record to 9-3 with a 3.05 ERA. In 12 playoff starts he stands 9-2, 2.73.

That had to startle those who claim there is no such thing as “clutch” in baseball …

Breslow may turn out to be the perfect candidate to lead the on-field arm of the Red Sox money machine. Here’s hoping he is.

But could someone tell Sam Kennedy to stop dismissing all those who passed on the opportunity is something to be expected when a club puts forth a vigorous search for the right person?

Kennedy won’t publicly admit that the Red Sox’ reputation has taken a hit, but if privately he doesn’t realize it, the team’s problems remain unsolved.