Patriots just aren’t good enough

The following is a public service announcement:

The Patriots are toast.

Done. Finished. Hopeless. Hapless. Downright helpless.

They have one game remaining before relieving their fans of further torture. It will go in the books as a playoff game. It should be remembered as football euthanasia.

This applies to anyone suggesting that Sunday’s 33-24 loss to the Dolphins really wasn’t that bad. Take away the 17-0 lead Miami had 3 minutes, 46 seconds into the second quarter and the Patriots beat them 24-16.

Mac Jones recovered from his early ineptitude and ended up with an OK performance.

Invisible receiver Jakobi Meyers had four receptions. He fumbled the fourth on the Patriots 2 where Miami linebacker Sam Eguavoen scooped it up and took it into the end zone with no time remaining.

Those meanies from Miami.

On the other hand, Eguavoen ensured that no one could look at the final score and suggest that the Patriots played pretty well.

Ah, no. They didn’t.

The defense wasn’t really so awful … except for those extended Miami drives when the Pats really needed to get its offense back on the field.

There folks who really, truly believe that the Patriots can flip a switch and rediscover the swagger borne from wins over the Jets (twice), the Texans, Chargers, Panthers, Browns, Falcons, Titans and Jaguars.

Look over that list and note that the Titans stand alone as a playoff team.

As an act of mercy, friends or relatives of cockeyed optimists should give them a hard shove into the trash bin of reality.

When Sunday’s dust settled the wobbly Pats were the No. 7 seed in the AFC playoffs. They are scheduled to face the Bills on Saturday night at Buffalo.

Stop conjuring scenarios in which they reprieve their win in November at Orchard Park, N.Y. The wind may make the light towers sway and inflict frostbite on anyone wearing less than three layers of clothes.

But, this time Jones will have to throw more than three passes.

And the Pats’ defense won’t be rescued by the opposition’s lack of judgment and/or competence on its final drive into the red zone..

Luck helped the Pats on that frigid night. It has been an unfriendly ghost since.

If luck unexpectedly returns to the visitors side of the field Saturday maybe the Patriots have a shot.

Don’t bet on it. And help anyone who is tempted.

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