Pats crap out in Vegas

Here’s hoping New Englanders who made the trip to Las Vegas this weekend found some jollies in the casinos. 

If they went only to witness the Patriots’ second win their second of the season, they trudged out of Allegiant Stadium as if they had dropped their bankroll on one spin of the roulette wheel.

Making it a bit more galling was the realization the Raiders were guilty of the same sins that have downed the Patriots search for adequacy.

Penalties, dropped passes, breakdowns in the offensive line … of course, they are easier to overlook after a win. So the Raiders granted Josh McDaniels his third win against Bill Belichick, his-proud-as-punch mentor, 19-17.

Amazingly, none of the microphones near their post-game handshake picked up Belichick muttering, “Good game.”

Not that all was gloomy for the Patriots on Sunday.

The offense looked … dare we say impressive, if only occasionally? They kept the heat on the Raiders almost as much as the Raiders kept the heat on themselves.

The Pats found the end zone for the first time in … the Red Sox still had a few games left, right?

Early in the third quarter, Ezekiel Elliott took a direct snap and went up the middle for 2 yards, capping a 70-yard drive.

Seventy yards! In one possession!

Later, proving the first TD was not just a blind squirrel stumbling upon an acorn, they scored another one. 

With 3:33 left in the game, a 75-yard drive ended with Rhamondre Stevenson going in from 1 yard out.

The Pats trailed 19-17. The Las Vegas offense sputtered a bit after Jimmy Garoppolo went out with a back injury at the half, But ol’ friend Bryan Hoyer did enough to keep the Raiders in front.

Meanwhile, talk-radio punching bag Mac Jones didn’t deliver a ton of fodder to fuel for the masses. But it’s not quantity, it’s quality.

His interception in the second quarter was hideous. The Pats were on the march. From the Raiders 30, on second-and-5, Jones tried to lob a pass to Hunter Henry. Instead he made Vegas defender Tre’von Moehrig look like the intended receiver.

Bad luck continued shadowing Jones. As the Pats tried for a last-ditch miracle, Jones lofted a perfect pass to mid-field to DeVante Parker. Right in the fish hooks … uh, hands.


Two plays later, the Raiders’ Maxx Crosby barrelled through the rag-tag offensive line and brought Jones down for a safety.

Jones loped toward the bench … Belichick spiked his tablet …