March 1, 1949

Alvin Julian (aka Doggie Julian) was certainly a basketball prophet. At the weekly Boston basketball writers luncheon, Julian said professional basketball would soon be the Land of the Giants.

Believing that Julian was the only coach in the Basketball Association of America (which included the Celtics), not to mention the National Basketball League (on the brink of merging with the BAA), seems a stretch. For one, Red Auerbach was coach of the short-lived Washington Capitols at the time.

But ol’ Doggie, former coach at Holy Cross, did nail it.

“There’s no sense kidding ourselves, fellas, all of us, both pro and college coaches, are ever seeking the 6-8, 6-9 guy,” Julian said, as reported by the Boston Globe. “Why, I say definitely, we’ll see the day when no one will even look at a 6-foot basketball player any more, no matter how good he may be.”

Nostradamus, thy nickname is Doggie.

Well, not quite. Big men did take over the game, but there remained value in shorter, talented players.