March 17, 1954

Parting ways with the Braves took awhile for Boston baseball writers. For fans, it  hurt far more since sentiment was the basis for their pain.

For writers, sheer pragmatism caused their resentment.

All spring and summer columnists searching for fodder had a big-league ball game available for inspiration. If the Red Sox were the Braves were likely to be on the road, and vice versa.

So, during the Grapefruit League exhibition season, writers didn’t have to wander too far to visit with the Commonwealth Ave. vagabonds. Among the bits of news scribes for old Braves fans:

Injuries were a growing concern, particularly with Warren Spahn still recovering from having cartilage removed from his bum knee.

Rookie outfielder Henry Aaron might open the season as a starter as the vets nursed various woes,

Braves management announced that the good people of Milwaukee had already snatched up 1,300,000 tickets in advance sales.

That would be about six times the 1952 Boston Braves drew for the season.