March 23, 1984

It wasn’t around for long, but no one could accuse the United States Football League of not trying to win the hearts and minds of gridiron fans.

Take the New Orleans (formerly known as the Boston) Breakers. Head coach and general manager Dick Coury solicited fans to send him suggestions for expanding his team’s playbook.

Predictably, most went far beyond proposals to modify 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

Coury said an average of 20 plays per week landed in his mailbox, and he had used three. Fans whose plays are chosen to run in the next home game received two field passes.

“Many are flea-flickers of some sort,” Curry said, per the Boston Globe. “The ones I like are the odd ones. They’re fun.”

Imagine the king of football comedy, Bill Belichick, trying this.