March 3, 1959

The following is true. This really happened.

NBA Commissioner Maurice Podoloff hinted that he might investigate the Celtics’ 173-139 win over the Minneapolis Lakers, specifically exactly how any team could score 179 points in one, 48-minute NBA game.

Podoloff would talk to the referees, players from the Lakers and players from the Celtics. He also was expected to speak with the coaches.

If only there was a recording of Podoloff questioning Red Auerbach …

Since nothing ever came of this, perhaps Podoloff figured out that strange things can happen that could make any sporting event enter the realm of bizarre.

Or maybe the 1959 Celtics represented an incredibly gifted collection of basketball players, one that was on the verge of winning eight straight NBA championships.

It’s likely that Auerbach at least enjoyed blowing lots of cigar smoke in Podoloff’s face.