Red Sox Hat

March 4, 1964

Sport magazine’s latest effort likely increased their Boston sales dramatically with the headline, “Dissension on the Red Sox.”

Fans’ interest was surely not piqued by the reported internal clubhouse strife. That qualified as a “Dog Bites Man” tale. But Red Sox gossip was the mother’s milk of Boston baseball fans, particularly in seasons when the team was less-than mediocre.

Sport reported on a bit of the players’ ill will in 1963. Dick Radatz and Earl Wilson barked at one another and nearly came to blows. Carl Yastrzemski called out Pesky publicly. General manager Pinky Higgins preferred being in uniform before happy hour.

Pesky dismissed the Sport story and confirmed that he knew full well what happens to managers when they don’t win many games. If his team struggled, Pesky would be fired.

Boston Globe columnist Bud Collins put it this way:

“If Pesky can get the Sox off to a good start again, he’ll stay. I hope he does. The guy is honest and quotable, a combination that is like gin and vermouth to a newspaperman.”