March 6, 1958

Today's quiz: Pick out the Red Sox connection in two of the three men included in the following United Press accident report.

Dodger stars Duke Snider, Johnny Podres and Don Zimmer escaped serious injury early today in the third auto accident involving members of the ballclub in the past two months.

The three players suffered assorted cuts and bruises when a Snider-driven sports car went off the road into a ditch as they were hurrying back to the team's training camp in Vero Beach, Fla., from a drive-in movie.

Snider, the team's top home-run slugger, injured the left knee which had been operated on for removal of a cartilage during the winter.

Podres suffered a seven-inch cut on his forehead. Zimmer, the hard luck infielder who faces grave danger in any accident because he carries a silver plate in his head from a beaning accident, sustained only abrasions on the forehead.

Snider took the blame for the accident, saying he was unfamiliar with the road.

Now, for the quiz answer: Zimmer mismanaged the Red Sox from 1976-1981.

Podres was on Zimmer's 1980 staff as pitching coach.

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