Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart is physically incapable of passing up a stupid shot

Since the Celtics look like they are carelessly throwing around sacks of money they should consider lobbing a sack or two this way.

This 63-year-old man, with no athletic skills to speak of, can promise:

Not to chuck poorly timed 3-pointers.

Or make ridiculous 1-on-3 drives to the hoop.

Or engage in any other conduct worthy of the term ill-advised.

Scratch that; ill-advised isn’t quite strong enough.

Make that stupid. Or ridiculous. Or maddening.

Marcus Smart is not without his strengths. He plays solid defense. He plays hard-nosed basketball at all times. On those attributes he sets a fine example for his young teammates.

On the flip side: Smart is physically incapable of passing up a stupid shot.

It isn’t a matter of judgment. Smart seems like a bright guy. At some level, deep beneath the surface, he knows a dumb shot when he sees one.

But, for reasons far beyond the capabilities of an English major, he simply cannot let a ridiculous field-goal attempt pass him by. He inspires more groans, shoes thrown at TVs and salty expletives than any man in the NBA.

Maybe new grand exalted basketball chief Brad Stevens put this proposal in writing because he has a brilliant scheme that includes trading Smart.

It’s difficult to believe that any team will take on Smart’s four-year, $77 million contract extension. No good team shouldn’t be interested. No bad teams should be willing to break their piggy bank for him.

Perhaps Wyc Grousbeck and his ownership partners are irrepressible Marcus Smart fans and want to make sure he retires as a Celtic.

(Please, don’t retire his number.)

There is no doubting Smart’s popularity with adoring fans. There is no doubting his fans’ willingness to argue his case to fellow C’s fans who watch Smart take bad shots, often at the worst possible time, and have barked themselves hoarse.

If this is for real – if Smart really has been given four more years in Celtics green – there is just one solution.

Give coach Ime Udoka a taser that can be leveled between Smart’s eyes every time he thinks about taking a stupid shot.

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