May 6, 1974

There’s nothing like two Boston teams sharing New England’s passion in the middle of playoff season. Even during a run-of-the-mill regular season, the stars rarely align so perfectly.

The Bruins began their second-round series against Florida on Monday night near South Beach.

The Celtics begin their second-round series against Cleveland on Tuesday night at the Garden.

The Bruins continue their series Wednesday night in the Sunshine State.

The Celtics continue their series Thursday night at the Garden.

The Bruins continue their series Friday at the Garden.

The Celtics continue their series Saturday at Cleveland.

There will be games every night this week, Bartenders around New England could have overflowing tip jars.

If only the Bruins had home-ice advantage. The Garden Bull Gang would need to daily change-overs, which sounds tougher than those bulls make it look. You want to doubt guys who can put down the parquet, uncover the ice and then prepare for the circus, all in the course of one day?

The Red Sox are playing this week, too, but few folks will purposefully land on NESN.

In 1974, the week began with the Celtics and Bucks tied 2-2 in the NBA finals after Milwaukee’s 99-90 win at the Garden. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had 34 points and his team snatched the invaluable home-court advantage from the C’s.

For a point of reference: Milwaukee’s Jon McGlocklin was back on the floor after straining a calf muscle in Game 1.

It didn’t matter much as Boston ultimately took Game 7 at Milwaukee.

As for the Bruins, the wait to determine their Stanley Cup finals foe finally ended. The Philadelphia Flyers bumped off the New York Rangers, and coach Fred Shero proclaimed that the hard part of Philly’s chase for the Cup was in the rear-view mirror.

“I think New York is a better team than Boston,” Shero said, according to the Boston Globe.

“I know New York is a better team than the Bruins. Why? Because they’ve got better players.”

No one could argue with Shero after the Flyers won in six games.