Fenway Park

Some things seem a bit off

There was an oddity or two as the Red Sox prepared to begin a road trip against the Texas Rangers.

A month or so into the season, the Red Sox were 7-7 on the road and 5-9 at Fenway Park. Back in the day. The Red Sox having a losing record at home was akin to the sun rising in the west.

Manager Ralph Houk was waiting to greet the 10th member of his pitching staff. These days, operating with a 10-man pitching staff would be considered cruel and unusual treatment of a manager. Even thinking of a nine-man pitching staff would be akin to sitting up all night to see the sun rise in the West.

The Boston Globe reported that the Chicago Cubs had been “cool” on a proposed trade that would have brought Bill Buckner to Boston. They warmed up to the idea eventually.

Finally, Globe scribe Larry Whitside observed that newspapers that cover the Rangers had begun running Rangers news on an inside page as the Dallas Mavericks and made their way through the playoffs.

That would never happen here, right?