Nov. 1, 1988

When someone begins a speech by denying the presence of sour grapes, you know there is about to be a purple-hued rant.

Bears coach Mike Ditka, of all hypocrites, slammed Patriots defensive lineman Brent Williams for deliberately twisting quarterback Jim McMahon’s knee putting him on the shelf for at least five weeks.

Ditka, that paragon of virtue and clean football, whined to the league office, then whined to everyone scribbling on notepads or toting TV mics. We don’t need this in our game, Ditka wailed.

That his 7-2 team took a butt-kicking from the 4-5 Patriots, 30-7, in Foxborough had nothing to do with his righteous indignation.

WIlliams denied any wrong-doing.

New England’s Raymond Clayborn, posed a rhetorical question in the Boston Globe.

“Why can’t they lose quietly? They couldn’t win quietly (after routing the Pats in the Super Bowl) and now they can’t lose quietly.”

Ditka did nothing quietly.