Nov. 17, 1973

There’s nothing like a precursor to the NBA Finals six months early.

Note: The NBA Finals used to be done by mid-May. Teams actually to be pretty good to get into the playoffs, making for a much shorter second season.

End of old man rant.

At any rate, the Celtics hosted the Milwaukee Bucks and the 15,320 on hand made the Garden’s foundation shake during a 115-90 Boston win.

Note II: The old Garden’s foundation quivered when the joint was empty, but threatened to crumble on this night.

Forgive that further transgression.

Dave Cowens, who often seemed to kick into an even higher gear when opposite Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, scored 14 points in the fourth quarter. He also dominated under the backboards, with 20 rebounds on the night.

Abdul-Jabbar finished with 28 points and nine rebounds.

Don Nelson and Jo Jo White scored 20 points apiece.

It was just Milwaukee’s second loss in 17 games. The C’s rose to 12-3.