Bruins Flag

Nov. 28, 1978

Coaches/managers in Boston typically enjoy a measure of popularity for at least a year or two before imperfection whittles it away,

There are coaches/managers whose first day on the job is, in most fans’ eyes, simply the day on which to start clock on its race to 0:00. Bobby Valentine fits quite nicely into that cubbyhole.

There has only been one Don Cherry. He guided the Bruins in their transition from the Bobby Orr/Phil Esposito into his lunch pail gang. They never won a Cup, but they reached they were legitimate contenders every season.

But his relationship with management was such that he was fired within about 10 minutes after the Game 7, too-many-on-the-ice meltdown in the Stanley Cup Finals in Montreal.

But on this day the flamboyant Grapes celebrated his 200th win as an NHL head coach, 

Well, he didn’t celebrate. He didn’t even left it standing as any sort of milestone.

“Aw, what’s the difference, 200, 150 or what,” Cherry said, per the Boston Globe.

He took the win on its face value: A 4-2 decision over the Atlanta Flames, with Wayne Cashman and Bobby Schmautz scoring one apiece in the third period.