Nov. 29, 1982

This wasn’t exactly a stellar year for the NFL. A player strike reduced the schedule from 16 to nine games. A team’s standing within its division or conference meant little as the league prepared for a 16-team “tournament.”

The good news for Pats fans on this date was a 29-21 win over the Houston Oilers. That eight-point difference should have been larger; the Pats were up 29-7 headed into the fourth quarter.

Worst of all, at least for owner Bill Sullivan and his family, is that the game drew thethe smallest crowd  ever at Schaefer Stadium – 33,602. They easily could have played it at Fenway Park with elbow room to spare.

The Pats did make the playoffs and lost to Miami, 28-13. The Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl and lost to the Redskins, 27-17.

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