Nov. 29, 1988

Ah, the foibles of NFL placekickers.

Not that the New England Patriots have had many who deserved swift, hard kicks in the backside on their way out the door. They did have Adam Vinatieri, and Stephen Gostkowski was certainly no slouch.

As of Wednesday, rookie Chad Ryland – whose miss on a 35-yarder sealed the Pats’ fate Sunday in their loss to the Giants – remained on the roster, though Bill Belichick did audition replacements earlier in the week.

But in 1988, the Pats had two field goal kickers – one for attempts from 45 yards or longer, one for shorter field goals and extra points. And when the designated short man failed against the Colts, it stung.

Jason Staurovsky missed on two that day, including a 27-yarder on the final play of the 24-21 loss.

The long man, rookie Teddy Garcia, had the job all to himself until he missed three field goal attempts, and a point after, in a 23-20 loss to Buffalo four games earlier. 

Staurovsky remained employed after the costly shank.

“Jason came through for us in Miami when we needed it,” coach Raymond Berry said, as reported by the Boston Globe.

In Miami, the Pats won, 6-3.