Fenway Park

Nov. 7, 1973

Apparently Reggie Smith, Red Sox outfielder, and Carlton Fisk, Red Sox icon, didn’t like one another. Presumably, all these decades later, they still aren’t exchanging Christmas cards.

After Smith was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. Fisk offered a few comments that boiled down to “good riddance.”

Specifically, Fisk said Smith was the combustible source of chronic dissension that plagued the Red Sox during their infamous “25-men, 25-cabs” era in the early 1970s.

In response, Smith said Fisk’s animus was rooted in “cowardice” and “jealousy.”

“He showed his cowardice in a meeting with (manager Eddie) Kasko when he was taken out of context and misquoted,” Smith said in a Boston Globe interview. “Now that I’m traded he goes behind my back once again.”

If memory serves, Fisk was hardly man on the Red Sox roster glad to see Smith go. As detailed in the story, he detailed a debate with Bill Lee that ended with Smith landing a knockout punch – literally.

It’s fair to say that the Red Sox and Smith were better off far away from one another.