Bruins Flag

Nov. 9, 1978

Two days earlier, Bobby Orr called it a career. The reality that his physical condition would not allow him to attempt another comeback with his post-Bruins employer, the Chicago Blackhawks.

One day later, he confirmed what the hockey world suspected: He needed to have more surgery on his left knee. It would be his seventh surgical procedure on the knee.

But in keeping with his legend – never tarnished then, still never tarnished in all the years since – he would earn a living as a Blackhawks assistant coach and help the front office in any way he could, he said.

Orr’s yearly salary would be $125,000.

That’s a fraction of the $3 million that the Blackhawks guaranteed him when he signed in 1976.

Of course, according to his agent, Alan Eagleson, Orr never cashed a paycheck tendered him by Chicago.

No one was surprised by that, either.