Boston Celtics

Celtics facing major problem without Porzingis

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, wondering how much scalpers will charge for BradyPalooza in June …

We should hardly be surprised by Kristaps Porzingis’ right soleus strain. For those of us who may have suffered a right soleus strain walking up one too many stairs, that’s a very painful calf muscle.

He has played a significant part in taking the Celtics this far. The sort-of prognosis is that he’s out for Game 5 against Miami, and for several games beyond that.

“Several” is open to interpretation. But after the Celtics dispose of the Heat, which they will do despite Porzingis’ absence, that void will become, at the very least, significant.

Celtics fans have cause to back off from planning for a duck boat parade. …

Forgive this breach of a longstanding opposition to basing opinions on teams or individual ballplayers off what they do in April.

Blame Tanner Houck.

He  likely went into Sunday night’s start against the Chicago Cubs barely known by a big chunk of ESPN’s audience. The name may have rung a bell for hardcore baseball fans (or human calculators known as Sabrematicians), but to folks pausing simply to check out the ball game Houck was just another phenom.

Those who watched Houck handcuff the Cubs will remember him.

They’ll also remember the faltering Red Sox bullpen that cost the kid a win. …

According to Boston police, lots of counterfeit Bruins playoff tickets are on the street. The cops are sure to pay a bit more attention to the scalpers working on Causeway St.

Hopefully there are at least one or two honest scalpers out there … beyond the ones billing themselves as ticket agencies. …

Tom Brady’s big party at Gillette Stadium is scheduled for June 12. A limited number of tickets will go on sale Thursday, according to a Patriots press release.

Those tickets would start at $100.

For those planning a day-of-game purchase from unlicensed parking lot vendors, prepare to tack another zero on that price.