For just $3.9 billion, Red Sox are yours

or those with some spare change in the hiding in the sofa, Forbes Magazine has done its annual assessment of Major League Baseball’s 30 franchises.

So keep those dimes, nickels and quarters safe. Don’t run out and buy coffee when you have your own coffee begging to be brewed. Forget about take-out, movie dates and buying the whole family tickets to any game at Fenway Park.

For just $3.9 billion, the Boston Red Sox could be yours.

The value of John Henry’s ballclub ballooned up from $3.47 billion in 2021, a 13 percent increase. It ranks third in MLB, behind the Yankees ($6 billion) and Dodgers ($4.075 billion).

Fenway Sports Group, the official owner of the Red Sox, need not feel disappointed at ranking No. 3. Everything costs more in New York. And the Dodgers are certainly within striking distance.

Maybe that’s why the Red Sox limited their big free agent signings to one. If Trevor Story has a monster year, he could help FSG really nip at the Dodgers’ heels.

Henry paid a paltry $700 million for the Old Towne Team and its old ballpark. Fenway itself is truly the team’s greatest money churner. It is ranked among the greatest tourist attractions in Boston and the entire Commonwealth.

Folks jump aboard planes in Nebraska, hop off at Logan and tell the taxi driver to take them directly to America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.

They may ask the cabbie, “Is this it?” First impressions might confuse anyone looking for a ballpark and finding something that looks like a warehouse. But once there they’ll buy tickets to that night’s game and reduce the size of their life’s bucket list by one.

FSG has radically increased the value of 4 Jersey St. since they closed on it 2002. John Harrington, the leader of the Yawkey Trust, previous owner of the club and the park, said the place was ready for the wrecking ball. He wanted to build a new park across Jersey St., leaving The Wall in place so tourists could see what it used to look like.

Dummies. Imagination was never the old ownership’s strong suit.

Seats atop The Wall, more seats on the grandstand’s roof, more luxury boxes, and lots of fresh revenue streams have increased Fenway’s lifespan by decades.

If the land surrounded by Jersey St., Brookline Ave., Lansdowne Street and Van Ness Street ever hits the market, Northeastern University and Boston University would immediate go to Defcon 5.

Then there is the franchise itself. How does one begin estimating the value of what used to be known as the Boston American League Baseball Company.

It is becomes easier by doing some comparison shopping.

If the Miami Marlins, ranked at No. 30, are assessed at $990 million, the Red Sox must be worth at least four times that.

Actually, looking at it that way, the Red Sox look like a blue-light special.

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