Red Sox Fans


Oct. 2, 1988

Thanks to the Red Sox resurgence following Joe Morgan’s promotion to manager, there would be at least two playoff games at Fenway Park. 

As it turned out, Games 1 and 2 of the ALCS were it. The Oakland A’s swept the best-of-seven series.

But Morgan Magic captured the fans’ hearts, after Joe Morgan replaced a man whose heart was in hiding, John McNamara. And when the Red Sox clinched the AL East, NESN  announced that tickets would go on sale at the Fenway box office on Saturday, Oct. 1.

A long-since tradition of camping out in front of the box office continued. The campers began gathering on the afternoon of Sept. 30, so they could be first in line and, presumably, be guaranteed of scooping up tickets.

The problem: NESN got it wrong. Tickets would actually go on sale Monday.

For the crowd outside the box office, which had grown to several hundred, the mistake inspired a bit of anger. When told they would have to come back – or, if they chose, spend the rest of their weekend soaking in the ambience of the sidewalks outside a closed ballpark – the news was not taken well. 

Police were summoned, the crowd settled down, and no arrests were.

And dozens of the estimated 1,000 ticket seekers vowed that they’d tough it out until Monday.