Oct. 23, 1988

Tony Eason returned to active duty for the Patriots after having surgery to correct nerve damage in his right arm.

Well, sort of. He was reactivated and back on the roster, but was third out of three quarterbacks on the depth chart.

Eason wasn’t exactly a beloved figure in Foxboro, On the one hand, he quarterbacked the Patriots into a Super Bowl.

On the other, he too often performed as he did in Super Bowl 20: Six passes, no completions, three sacks, one lost fumble. 

All that in less than two quarters of play. He was yanked before halftime in favor of Steve Grogan, but the game’s path was well established, The Bears gave the Pats a beat-down, 46-10.

Adding insult to those horrific numbers, in 2008 ESPN ranked Eason’s efforts 82nd in 82 Super Bowl starting quarterbacks.