Oct. 27, 1958

There are tales with an eternal shelf life, particularly when they are televised nationally and replayed endlessly on the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

Before ESPN – actually, before national TV audiences were the norm – great moments, such as the one following this preamble, evaporated in a day.

A report on the Chicago Bears’ trip to San Francisco included a sidelight on a 49ers fan who didn’t much like George Halas – or, at least didn’t like the way the ball game was going and decided Papa Bear should bear the brunt of his displeasure.

In the closing seconds of the first half, the 49ers appeared to have recovered a fumble that a moment later was rescinded. One of the officials said the fumble happened after his whistle ended the play. The Bears went on to kick a field goal.

So, as the teams were leaving the field at halftime, a platoon of the Kezar Stadium faithful charged onto the field. One of them got close enough to Halas to take a swing at him.

After the fan’s arrest, one of the police officers was quoted by the AP explaining that the fan wasn’t drunk, he was “just a football fan.”

The Bears won, 27-14.