October 4, 1997

Oct. 4, 1997; what a dark day in Celtics history.

Training camp began at Brandeis University with the traditional Media Day. Reporters, photographers and videographers overrun the facility, maybe a few more than usual.

It was Day 1 of the Rick Pitino Era – oops, we misspelled Error.

Pitino posed with Ron Mercer, Chauncey Billups and Antoine Walker. Every team has its coach-and-stars photo.

Pitino declared that his roster was filled with “high-class people who are willing to pay the price” to bring the franchise back from the dead-end of a 15-win season in 1996-97.

As history now shows, Pitino’s work from Day 1 through his departure produced a record of 102-146.

At that point, scampered back to the college game.

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