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Hosmer deal looks perfect … what’s the problem?

Baseball people who merit respect – not just those in uniform, but those who are paid for candid observations – seem united that the Red Sox’ acquisition of Eric Hosmer deserves a high level of praise. Most is downright bubbly.

Hosmer is, without question, a better defensive first baseman than the Red Sox have put in the field for years. He has won four Gold Gloves. When is the last time a Red Sox first baseman wore a glove that didn’t clang?

A doorknob might at least occasionally slow down a groundball at which Bobby Dalbec could only wave.

And Hosmer is a left-handed batter with pop, clearly with an ability to slice balls off and over The Wall.

From all accounts he is a good guy, and a clubhouse can never have too many veteran good guys.

But the Padres just about gave away the 32-year-old first sacker. They will pay off the $44 million he has left on his contract.

“Here you go – and we want to unload this guy so bad we’ll pay off his bloated contract.”

Red Sox general manager Chaim Bloom gave San Diego a left-handed pitcher, Jay Groome, who they drafted in 2016 and is currently 3-4 with a 3.52 ERA at Pawtucket.

In other words, Groome is a shoulder shrug of a prospect.

Clearly a large part of Hosmer’s acquisition can be attributed to a tonic that every ballclub needs now and again – 100-proof luck.

Hosmer was supposed to be part of a deal sending Juan Soto to the Padres from Washington. Part of Hosmer’s eight-year, $144 million deal allowed him to veto that trade. Maybe he doesn’t want to live so close to so many pols.

The Padres eventually worked out a blockbuster sending a planeload of players to DC for Soto and first baseman Josh Bell.

Perhaps the Padres were so peeved that they couldn’t wheel the original deal that they simply wanted to wash their hands of Hosmer and, thus, were willing to ship him as far as away as possible while getting nothing in return.

The only thing that could have made this a better deal for the Red Sox would have been if San Diego had included old play-by-play man Don Orsillo.

And that’s why one born skeptic’s immediate reaction was to arch one eyebrow.

An old bromide may apply here:

You get what you pay for.

Is anyone else out there shrugging their shoulders?

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