Japan Olympics

Olympic Games potential cancellation akin to a cruel game of high-stakes peek-a-boo

Has Kennesaw Mountain Manfred and the rest of the lords of baseball taken charge of the Japan Olympics? Or are the Japanese organizers predisposed to screwing up on their own.

While the circumstances of their disaster were not of their own making, they fully own their responses. 

This week’s poorest call was the advisory that the Games, while still officially on, could be officially cancelled at a moment’s notice.

For the athletes, that is akin to a cruel game of high-stakes peek-a-boo.

Beneath the countless layers of money and politics that leave the Games in a cocoon, even during the best of times, the participants are suffocating. 

There will be no fans allowed at the billion-dollar array of venues. Families who planned to attend the Games to see their loved ones compete were left in limbo. Should they be there anyway and camp out in front of the TVs in their hotel rooms?

Do their hosts, the people of Japan, want them there? According to a poll earlier this week two-thirds of Japanese citizens said the Olympics should be cancelled.

Those upset to see the Games go on fear a greater spike in Covid cases. With thousands of participants from around the world arriving this week, that seems a legitimate fear.

The deep pockets of corporate Japan agree with their customers. Toyota informed the organizers this week that it will air no commercials related to the Games in Japan. They will, to Comcast’s ever-lasting relief, air ads in the United States.

“It is true that Toyota will not be attending the opening ceremony, and the decision was made considering various factors including no spectators,” a company spokesperson the international media. “We will not be airing any commercials related to the Games in Japan.”

The sanity of any government bidding for the right to host the Games, which cost hundreds of billions of dollars, is questionable.

We can only hope that the outlay of financial support in Japan is not supplemented with human suffering.

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