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It’s only one game, but …

One game into the Red Sox season and what have we learned?

Nothing, really. Not unless Opening Day Delusions gripped someone so tightly that they refused to acknowledge that Ye Olde Towne Team has some serious pitching issues.

To those folks, a gentle reminder: They gave up a 10-spot to the Baltimore Orioles, who will not go down as even the remotest cousin of the 1927 Yankees. Which is not to denigrate the Birds.

It says here that Baltimore won 83 games in 2022 and could well match that, or surpass it, this season.

They were, however, helped in the opener by the men who compose a chunk of the Red Sox’ pitching staff. At its best, that staff is destined to be almost average.

They slapped around Cory Kluber, Ryan Brasier and Kaleb Ort, with uneventful appearances by Zack Kelly, John Winckowski and Chris Martin.

Let’s just leave it at this: Their Opening Day starter was Cory Kluber.

That says a great deal about the staff’s potential.

But, on the plus side, they did score nine runs, which is a nice afternoon’s work.

They entertained the 36,049 who were there at the beginning and rugged enough to stay through three hours, 10 minutes.

Alas, the first Red Sox game of 2023 did not offer itself as a model for Major League Baseball’s efforts to pick up the pace.

But, Rafael Devers did help supply a reminder that MLB is serious about their pitch-clock, get-in-the-box-and-stay-there directives. In the bottom of the eighth he fouled off a pitch for strike two. He stepped out of the box, fiddled around, then got back in the box and fiddled around some more.

Pitcher Bryan Baker waited for Devers to quit fiddling. Umpire Lance Barksdale brought it to a halt and called for strike three.

Devers looked downright befuddled.

“It’s not easy,” Devers said. “It’s some you have to adapt to.”

Uhm … what?

Actually, it is pretty easy.

Play ball!

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