Mac Jones

Cam Jones is the Pats starter –
and there is no need for backup

Some folks no doubt knew exactly what Bill Belichick was doing Tuesday when he lopped off two quarterbacks from his roster, leaving the starter all by himself.

It is reasonable to assume that part of his decision must have been based on merit. Bailey Zappe played a lot in the Patriots’ three exhibition games and looked fairly awful doing so.

Admittedly, Malik Cunningham is a complete mystery in these eyes. Anything he did in the exhibition games, at quarterback or wide receiver, went unseen.

Presumably he played during Red Sox games, or whatever seemed at least mildly interesting. Exhibition football does not make my heart thump any faster than, say, the Weather Channel.

So it’s Mac Jones’ offense. Despite the generally dour reviews he has drawn since last season, that shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

Then again, it could be that ol’ Bill Belichick has something up his sleeve … strike that. He chops the sleeves off all his shirts.

It is said that Belichick plays chess while his counterparts are glued to their checkerboards. Since learning chess somehow eluded me along life’s path, that would explain my befuddlement that Tuesday afternoon’s news broke.

If Tuesday’s moves weren’t an affirmation of Belichick’s faith In Jones, it might have been an affirmation of his faith in offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien, whose faith in Jones has become evident.

Perhaps it is an affirmation on owner Bob Kraft’s faith in his team’s ability to actually run an NFL offense, which was sporadically absent at too many key moments in 2022.

Unless the Pats are hoping to light up scoreboards by playing a single-wing offense this season, presumably another QB will be on the roster on the season opener against the Eagles. Jones has had an injury or two during his Patriots tenure.

And considering the crazy-quilt offensive line that stands as the QB’s protection, having a legitimate backup (or two) would be in the team’s best interest.

Someone clearly in need of football therapy suggested that Colt McCoy, the veteran under-achiever cut loose by the Arizona Cardinals on Tuesday. Cardinals fans may see this as preparing for season-long tanking in pursuit of the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

If that is true, shame on them.

Furthermore, why do they think they’re in better shape to lose more games without McCoy than with him?

It could be that the Pats cut Cunningham hoping that he would clear waivers and could be brought back to the team’s practice squad. There might be some practical reason for shuffling all that NFL paperwork.

Surely Belichick will affirm our undying trust by making that all abundantly clear.

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