Cleveland Browns Helmet

Win over Browns was as good as it gets

In at least one man’s untrained eyes, the Patriots achieved perfection Sunday.

This was a rout against a decent team. The Browns came in at 5-3, the Pats came in at 5-4. Thus, it is difficult to discount the opponent as the proverbial tomato can.

They stomped on the Browns, 45-7. And they did it at home, their second win in six games at Gillette Stadium.

Mac Jones fired the ball with remarkable precision and was not limited to screen passes or 10-yard routes over the middle. He quarterback rating came in at 142.1.

For at least one Monday morning, there will be no muttering about Jones still have the training wheels on his bike.

Jakobi Meyers caught his first touchdown pass in his 39th NFL game. It was thrown by Brian Hoyer, who was able to let Jones take his longest fourth-quarter rest of the season.

Punter Jake Bailey was called upon just once. He responded with a 66-yarder.

The defense allowed 217 total yards. In the NFL, that is chump change.

Baker Mayfield, before leaving with a knee injury, completed 11 of 21 passes for 73 yards and one interception. He was sacked twice. Case Keenam completed eight of 12 garbage-time passes for 81 yards and was sacked three times.

For those who relish comparing the Pats’ results to those of Tompa Brady, take the day off. The Buccaneers lost to the Redskins on Sunday.

To the surprise of most (honest) observers, seeing the Patriots standing at 6-4 has been a feat in itself.

None of this means Bill Belichick is going to be all hearts and flowers as he rolls the game film for his players. (Do they still really use film?)

Coaches can see missed blocks, blown assignments and all other nicks and cuts in real time. He’ll know precisely where to find them on the game film so he can drill them into his players’ psyches.

No football coach, at any level, has ever claimed his team was perfect, even in a 45-7 win. For one thing, the Pats allowed the Browns to reach the end zone on a mind-numbing, effortless, four-minute, five-second, 11-play, 84-yard drive

Since these eyes belong to a man who is not savvy enough to impersonate a coach, we’ll adjust our original statement.

The Patriots achieved perfection for 55 minutes and five seconds.

Enjoy the moment … at least until Thursday night.

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