Odds are, there may be another Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley, early candidate for NFL Dumbass of the Year, is suspended for the 2022 season for gambling.

During his time away last fall for “personal reasons,” the Atlanta Falcons’ wide receiver bet $1,500 at a legal sports book, in part on the Falcons.

Not a smart move, Calvin. Not at all. In the book of NFL sins, gambling is near the top. Betting on your own team, be it to win or lose, is ultra-dumb.

So, it did not surprise anyone with at least an ounce of sense when NFL Commissioner J. Edgar Goodell suspended Ridley for the 2022 season. Hopefully, Ridley can take up a more mellow pastime between now and Feb. 13, 2023, when Goodell decides if he has been successfully rehabilitated.

If Ridley is spotted within 10 city blocks of a sports book he deserves to have the NFL drop its heaviest hammer on on his vacant noggin.

Should he prove to be utterly unable to resist his worst instincts, Ridley will find the following irresistible wager on the boards.

Who will be the next NFL dumbass snared in Goodell’s ever-poised net?

The odds have been posted. emailed in its odds, making Antonio Brown the favorite at plus-300. Brown is always a solid choice for all sorts of trouble that could end in banishment from his workplace.

Odell Beckham Jr. comes in at plus-500, Deshaun at plus-650, and Jameis Winston at plus-700.

Patriots owner Bob Kraft stands at plus-800. Considering the time he devote to his known leisure-time activities, that seems like a sucker bet.

And how could Kraft be ahead of Redskins owner Dan Snyder (plus-1200), Dallas’ Jerry Jones (plus-2500), or Indianapolis’ buffoon Jim Irsay (plus-3300)?

Among unemployed coaches, Jon Gruden comes in at plus-900. Among employed coach, Kliff Kingsbury is at plus-3300.

Among unemployed players, quarterbacks in limbo, Cam Newton is plus-2500. But how would anyone know for sure if he was in the tank?

Among pretend retirees, Tom Brady is plus-5000. Another sucker bet. Giselle will be angry enough when Brady shows up on a team’s roster; she would really put her stiletto-heel down if he is caught gambling.

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