Red Sox Fans

Give Belichick should get proper send-off

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, wondering when we are going to hear a thunder-clap from Jersey St. …

The weather forecast for Sunday calls for wintry weather, tailor-made for Belichickian snorting during his post-game platitudes.

After weeks, if not months, of speculation over Bill Belichick’s departure, the search for evidence that it’s done has mushroomed. Ditto for the circumstances that could persuade him to stay or leave.

How about this: If there are no awkward snorts Sunday, he’s leaving. If there is even a half-snort, he’s staying.

As for how the fans should react each time he appears on Robert Kraft’s zillion dollar video board, a group snort would be perfect. …

That all begs the question: If the weather is as snowy and slushy as predicted, how many no-shows might there be? 

Meaningless game against a typically meaningless team … A guy in a hoodie walking the sideline is the only draw.

And, yes, it impacts their draft position. …

The Celtics remain dug in as favorites to win the NBA championship, As of Friday afternoon the C’s are at plus-330 on DraftKings.

The Bruins, Avalanche and Rangers are all plus-750 on most boards. A couple favor the Rangers and Avalanche.

And the odds of Belichick staying – oops, sorry. Got to stop thinking about Coach Hoodie. …

If Chris Sale pitches again at Fenway Park the man deserves an ovation for being forthright.

“They made a big commitment to me and I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain and they were always great to me,” Sale said of the Red Sox and their fans, per the Boston Globe.

If only they could find another honest man who could stay healthy.