Maybe Pats can find someone by legally tampering

Only the NFL could come up with something as silly as the legal tampering period.

Starting  Monday teams could talk with players’ agents without the brute force of a Roger Goodell spanking. 

So multi-year contracts, emptying vaults filled with millions, only need a few hours of haggling to take shape.

On Wednesday, the official free agent market officially begins, so free agent players can openly negotiate and sign deals for more money than they could possibly deserve.

No contracts cant be signed until Wednesday at 3 p.m., kicking off the official NFL Free Agent market.

No entity knows how to draw maximum attention to itself than the NFL.

As for the Patriots, they came to terms with running back Antonio Gibson, a third-round pick in the 2020 draft.

Doesn’t that get your socks rolling up and down?

More importantly, the Patriots reportedly traded Mac Jones to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a sixth-round draft pick. That bit of adding by subtracting has lots of Patriots fans feeling downright giddy.

And Pats fans who live to say, “I told you so” are barking, occasionally slipping into a growl. It’s tough to celebrate Jones’ departure without recalling the irrelevant Patriots seasons since Tom Brady left.

They need a quarterback, any way they can get one – free agency, trade, the No. 3 pick in the draft, kidnapping.

One quarterback the Patriots will not get is Kirk Cousins, who is poised to sign a four-year,  signed with the Atlanta Falcons.

How about Russell Wilson, he might give the Pats a little pop. Nope; Pittsburgh is signing him on a one-year deal.

They should be able to find someone whose skills are clearly better than the two quarterbacks they now have, Bailey Zappe and Nathan Rourke.

Their options look more grim as the available quarterbacks fall.

Their plan may be to hold off on bringing in someone they would hope could become their franchise QB until they build an offensive line that could keep him from getting squashed.