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Jets need to stop whining and start winning

And all this time we thought that the New York Futility Football Jets just stunk.
There’s nothing shameful about an NFL team that lacks enough talent to win more than once in six games. It isn’t the worst team on the block. The Patriots could only manage a 25-22 win over the Houston Texans three weeks ago.
The Texans and Jets square off on Nov. 28. It might be worth subscribing to NFL RedZone to watch riff and raff roll around in the muck of football ineptitude.
Last Sunday, the Pats beat the Jets, 54-13. The final score draws a fair sketch of how the J-E-T-S played.
By mid-week, the Jets couldn’t hold back their blubbering. Those meanies, the Patriots, ran up the score!
Jets offensive lineman Morgan Moses, according to The Athletic reporter Connor Hughes, said he was “bothered” by the site of Pats backup quarterback Brian Hoyer and his fellow second stringers trying to gain yards and score points.
Moses said he was thinking “some things I’m not going to say.”
He may have been cranky before the game started. The Jets equipment manager couldn’t find any clean diapers that would fit the 6-foot, 6-inch, 330-pound cherub.
Jets coach Robert Saleh tried to turn those frowns upside down … sort of. On the Michael Kay radio show in New York, Saleh said, “It’s the NFL, it’s not like Alabama vs. William & Mary. It’s the NFL. We’re all professional athletes. If you don’t want to get scored on, you gotta stop ’em.
“Is it something I would do? Probably not, but to each his own.”
Everything Saleh said up to “you gotta stop ’em” is right on. Apparently, he just couldn’t stop himself from taking a faint jab at Bill Belichick.
It says here that running up the score is the weakest of all responses in rationalizing a beat-down. Even at the high school level, if a coach sends in the second or third teams, do they take the field with instructions to do all they can to fail?

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