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There was nothing sweet about this parting of ways

On its face, the decision to “part ways” with Chaim Bloom indicates that John Henry is tired of waiting for the great come-and-get-it day that a refurbished farm system promises.

“Part ways” is such a great euphemism. It conjures visions of two guys sitting on each side of the desk, chatting about this and that, and deciding that they should mosey on down the road in opposite directions.

The reality is that Henry told Bloom to pack up, turn in his ID card and get out. 

Henry canned him, dumped him, sacked him or axed him. Being a soft-spoken sort, it may be difficult for Henry to offer anything so lacking in gentility. But, no matter how politely the conversation transpired, it’s unlikely that Bloom feels any less kicked to the curb.

At its core, there is nothing mysterious about Bloom’s dismissal. The Red Sox dropped from playoff contention since Labor Day chased kids back to school. It says here they were never really a playoff team, but a .500 club poised to capitalize on the failings of their competition.

The written statement issued by the Red Sox – the one about their parting of the ways – expressed gratitude for Bloom’s rehabilitating their player development operation. It’s difficult to argue otherwise.

But until a replacement is chosen, we won’t really have a clue as to how this will alter the method of operation at the old yard.

Bloom saved his bosses some serious money, doing it the way general managers of MLB paupers operate.

Measuring this in baseball miles, the Red Sox are a galaxy away from, let’s say, Pittsburgh. The Pirates are multi-generational paupers.

The first clue as to their long-term intentions could come at the season’s finish line, if not earlier. Bloom and manager Alex Cora are on different wavelengths, so this might be an endorsement of the man running the game operations.

Cora doesn’t deserve to be fired; he played the cards that he was dealt. But if he does go, it would reinforce the notion that a house-cleaning is in order.

Then comes the free agent bazaar. Will the new GM be granted permission to overpay for a fresh arm or two?

That would indicate that the path to pennant contention does not mean camping out in the waiting room as the next hot-shot glides up the minor-league ladder.

As proved by the Red Sox themselves, a ballclub of means can do both simultaneously.

Or did they part ways with that philosophy?

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