Tom Brady

If Brady is serious, Pats must say no

As idle chatter goes, this is perched on the top shelf.

It is based on such deeply rooted silliness that even Brett Favre, the poster child for hanging on too long, could blush.

Tom Brady adroitly chummed the waters on Thursday by declaring that he is “not opposed” to returning as an NFL quarterback.

To spice it up a bit he mentioned a team or three that he would consider should it need a quarterback so highly trained in the art of penning a fairy-tale ending to its season. The Patriots were one of them, for the obvious reason.

Foxborough is the best place to bring an even brighter sheen to a career so glowing that it hurts Peyton Manning’s eyes should he stare at it for longer than a heartbeat.

Pats fans, particularly those who stoutly insist that Brady should get the lions’ share of credit for The Dynasty, are sleeping restlessly. Bill Belichick was just another passenger on the good ship GOAT.

First, a bit of unsolicited sagacity to the team and the GOAT.

Dear Patriots: Find a quiet, graceful way to declare yourself out on Brady’s dreams.

Hopefully the Krafts understand that hauling No. 12 into Gillette Stadium to serve as an active player simply kicks the can marked “‘Rebuild” further down the road.

Your long-term plans to make the Patriots great again, whatever they might be, would be at risk.

Dear GOAT: How did this outlandish proposition ever make it from the back of your mind to your vocal cords?

If Brady is serious, if he truly has become this addicted to the spotlight, he needs an intervention.

He has more than enough money to ensure three generations of Bradys live comfortably. He basks in lifelong fame.

He has nothing to prove, unless he craves a stage from which he can thumb his nose at Gisele Bundchen.

Do everyone a favor, Tommy, and say “Just kidding, folks.”