Baseballs in a line

Red Sox’ Brewer ices Yankees

Red Sox right-hander Tom Brewer stopped the Yankees on two hits, despite enduring the effects of a viral infection, for a 4-0 win at Fenway Park.

Anyone who has tried to work at a desk with a viral infection can understand the degree of difficulty in throwing nine innings with one.

A week earlier the Yankees’ Bob Turley shut down Boston on two hits in the season opener at the Big Ballpark in the Bronx.

Turley said he was up twice the night before, at 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., to take aueromycin pills. So much for getting a good night’s sleep leading into a start.

The bug apparently set up shop in the Red Sox clubhouse. Ted Bowsfield, scheduled to follow Brewer the next day against New York, was coming off a four-day stay at Sancta Maria Hospital with a viral infection. Bowsfield wished he was back in the hospital after the Yanks pounded him in 1-⅔ innings for six runs on three hits and four walks in a 16-7 rout.