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If the receiver hurts Pats, just dump him

Two problem-players – also known as professional headaches – are churning rumors of their landing in Boston.

Well, Boston and Foxborough, as nitpickers would eagerly correct us.

One is Ben Simmons, outgoing member of the Philadelphia 76ers. The other is Odell Beckham Jr., most recently of the Cleveland Browns, originally of the New York Giants.

Simmons has talked his way out of Philly. The Sixers were reported to give up Simmons last season in a trade to bring in James Harden.

With ruffled feathers, Simmons proceeded with a historically awful playoff performance from the foul line. In 12 games he made 25 of 73 foul shots.

He endured criticism from teammates and coach Doc Rivers for essentially divorcing himself from the offense in the fourth quarter of multiple games.

Simmons was sufficiently annoyed as to demand a trade.

In the NBA, demanding a trade often means a guy stood all he can stand and can’t stand any more.

Simmons skipped training camp, eventually reported for duty in October, but after being suspended for one game and fined, declared he was not mentally ready to play.

If the man truly has mental health concerns, he at least deserves empathy. If he doesn’t, he deserves hard-edged scorn.

It has been reported that Simmons refused the team’s offer of mental health resources. His absence prompted further fines.

So, all things considered, should Celtics basketball president Brad Stevens consider making a play for Simmons?


What if Simmons can be had in a deal that sends Jaylen Brown to Philly?

Hell, no.

Now let’s venture over to Foxborough, where the Patriots have rebounded from a 2-4 start with three straight wins. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones has had his ups and downs, as one would rationally expect from an NFL rookie quarterback.

Jones could certainly benefit from having a enormously talented veteran wide receiver. Beckham certainly qualifies as that.

Beckham is also a top-shelf diva. Over the years he has made it plain that wins are nice, but not so much when he isn’t getting the lion’s share of looks from his QB.

He also would cost a team $7.25 million for the remainder of the season.

For Robert Kraft, that is walking-around money.

One feature of Bill Belichick’s enigmatic make-up is that he has had a fair amount of success with players cast aside for failing to fit in. Corey Dillon, Randy Moss and Aqib Talib (for the most part)  come to mind.

Beckham represents a no-risk move for the Pats. He comes in, feels like playing and makes winning at least Priority No. 1B, great.

He comes in and plays the fool, see you later.

Should the Pats make Beckham an offer?

Why not?

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